Mixed Martial Arts
Action Kickboxing

We specialize in Kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA. Our instructors have decades of experience and will take your Marital Art skill to your maximum potential.

We are a Christian Based Martial Arts Dojo.

Classes for EVERYONE!

We make the classes fun, but challenging enough for everyone to get the needed exercises. We have classes for almost everyone. Whether you are Female, Male, Young, Old it does not matter there is a class for you. You can train as a family or as an individual. You can train just for fun, or train to compete in tournaments. The choice is yours!

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Kickboxing is a stand up fighting style where you learn to Punch, Kick, Block, Move and defending yourself while on your feet.

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Muay Thai

Muay Thai is more of a close combat fighting style where, you learn more about how to Knee and Elbow in close quarters.

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Mixed Martial Arts is a combination of Striking, Grappling and Takedowns for a very much all round fighting style.

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