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About Honbu Combat Academy

Honbu Combat Academy is a Christian Martial Arts Company. We only Praise Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour. We practice martial arts as a sport and try to teach all our students that you can make Jesus a part of your everyday LIFE AND SPORT! Honbu Combat Academy has gone through a lot of different stages of learning and developing martial arts training, and still to this day keep on improving the structure to give everyone the best training possible. Our base style is and always will be Kickboxing, which is our strongest style and what our grading syllabus is based on. Our main goal is to spread the word of the Lord through all our dojos and show people that sport can be one of the best places to get closer to the Lord. Honbu started as a business in 2012 and continues growing to this day.

About Us 1

The Journey of Honbu Combat Academy

Honbu Combat Academy started years back as another name called Action Kickboxing. It was only in 2012 that we rebranded Action Kickboxing to Honbu Combat Academy. We have moved the dojo around a bit and have had hard times, but we never stopped. The Lord always provided for us and helped us to keep on growing. We have trained thousands of students throughout the years and are very well known in the martial arts community. We are currently a very well established dojo and doing very good with many students, proper equipment and solid training. All instructors at Honbu Combat Academy has many years of experience in different martial arts styles.

Meet Our Instructors

All of our instructors have gone through an intense course where they learned how to work with people as well as teach martial arts in the correct way where its fun, educational and effective. All our instructors are Christians and fully believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are very strict with our Instructors that they must always be an example for the students, a leader and always give their 110% to make sure the students are learning Martial Arts towards their fullest potential.

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Shihan Jaco Van Dyk (Owner)

Shihan Jaco Van Dyk is the owner of Honbu Combat Academy and a very skilled Martial Artist. He has over 40+ Years of Martial Arts experience in style like Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts and more. He has also fought professionally in styles like K1 and Muay Thai and is also a 6th Dan Black Belt in Kickboxing.

About Us 3

Sempai Joshua Van Dyk

Still a young kid, but believe me when I tell you Sempai Joshua Van Dyk kicks harder than most adults. Most people never believe the story until they feel the power of just one of his kicks. Sempai Joshua has been training since he was 4 years old. He really did grow up in the dojo with Martial Arts, and Martial Arts become like a second nature to him. He barely needs to think when he fights, his body already knows what to do. Having a 2nd Degree Junior Black Belt at a very young age, he is no kid to mess around with. 

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