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Cutting Weight Before a Fight in the right way.

To lose weight has been a debatable discussion for many years and everyone has different methods to lose weight, some extreme and some less extreme.
Some are safe and some are less safe.
Some ways make a difference in your Health, Strength and Fitness in a good way and some in a bad way.

Today I want to talk about the Healthy, Safe and most beneficial way of Cutting Weight before a fight.

Firstly food is important, you must eat and start following the right eating habits early enough to avoid the more extreme methods.
But not just any type of food, you have to eat the right types of food.
What is the right types of food?

Protein is important as it builds and maintains muscle as well as increases your resting metabolic rate which burns calories while you are resting.
People are different and require different amounts of protein according to their Gender, Weight and Length.
But an average would be between 1-2 gram of protein per Kilogram.

The second important thing of Cutting Weight before a fight is to start cutting out things like fatty foods and starch.
Some forms of fat is good for you and some are bad.
Your body needs a little of the good types of fat per day, but not to much.
Avoid sugar and to much carbohydrates.

Supplements like Herbalife helps to get in all the needed nutrients for your body to live Healthy.
But don't live on just fluids, your body also needs solid food.

Don't start by going all overboard and just trying to live 100% Healthy from the start.
To avoid cravings and getting into a permanent Healthy Lifestyle, lower the amount of unhealthy food daily and increase healthy food intake daily to help with Cutting Weight.

You heard they always say an apple a day keeps the doctor away?
Though an apple does contain sugar, it is still a very Healthy fruit and helps to keep sugar cravings away.
Try to eat 1 - 2 apples a day combined with protein to stabilize the sugar.
Never just eat a fruit or any form of sugar without taking protein with it.

Protein also helps to keep you fuller for longer and stops you from overeating and gaining weight.
Most people may eat unhealthy but once they start eating more Healthy they tend to eat more and can't seem to understand why their weight doesn't change or lower.
One important thing I learned to help cutting weight is if you are hungry eat the right types of food, low or no fat/carbs/sugar.
But if you are not hungry, then don't eat.
Eat low GI foods.

Yes it is important for you metabolism to stay active and you eating more times a day, but keep the portions smaller to avoid overeating.
Drink at least 2 litters of water per day.
Stay away from unhealthy drinks (use common sense).
Most energy drinks except Powerade is not Healthy.

The closer you get to your Fight date the Healthier you should start eating.
Hope this helps you cutting weight for your fight and to keep all your strength and fitness.