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Understanding what Cage Fighting is.

Cage Fighting is a very famous sport and pastime courtesy of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bouts broadcast across the world in major sport channels. The Christian community had to grapple with cage fighting as the debate surrounding the sport ranged in 2012. In fact "Christianity Today" discusses cage fighting and its rising popularity particularly among Christians. As a result of the coverage, many understand what cage fighting is all about and exactly what it means, particularly to people of the faith who might want to participate, watch or be involved in one way or the other in cage fighting.

What exactly is cage fighting?

Simply said, cage fighting refers to Mixed Martial Arts or MMA as popularly known, a full contact type of combat sport where diverse fighting techniques are allowed from a blend of various traditions of martial arts for use in competition. In MMA, the rules allow grappling and striking techniques to be used while a challenger is on the ground or standing. Some of the styles incorporated in cage fights include common disciplines like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, amateur wrestling, boxing, catch wrestling, judo, karate, kickboxing, Muay Thai, sambo and savate, among others.

Martial Arts with huge merits

Just like in independent martial arts disciplines, cage fighting is also a good source of great exercises for the body, wonderful training not only to cut weight and remain fit, but also for self defence on the street or in school against bullies, getting into a cage fight with other real fighters or just enjoy MMA in a place where Jesus is the centre of the sport. The result is a strong body and individual as the body is challenged in so many disciplines of martial arts.Nonetheless, even as you enjoy MMA to prepare for cage fights or not, you should never be asked to extend way beyond what you can do. Cage fighting is a single person sport because you must challenge yourself to accomplish new heights with the encouragement of the instructor and amity from other students.

Does professional cage fighting have rules?

As MMA cage fighting continues to gain in popularity, a lot of rules have been incorporated to regulate the sport, especially professional cage fights. The main rules include:Apart from groin attacks, fish hooking, pulling hair, biting, gouging the eyes, joint manipulation, cut or any orifice and butting, anything goes. For the sake of safety, striking around the back of the skull or around the spine, using the elbow point to strike downward, throat strikes, trachea grabbing are not allowed. While fighting on the ground, using the heel to kick the kidney is not allowed including stomping, kicking or kneeing the grounded opponent's head as well as clavicle grabs, flesh twisting, pinching or clawing. While throwing is allowed, opponent spiking on the neck or head to the canvas, throwing the opponent out of the fenced area or the ring or holding the gloves or shorts of the opponent is not. Spitting, fence or rope holding, use of abusive language, attacking while on break or under the referee's care or once the bell has rang is not permitted. In a contest, timidity is forbidden as is giving up while on the corner. Cage fighting helps a person to form certain virtue sets; training for cage fights teaches gratitude for food nourishment and the gift of a strong healthy body. Through competition you learn humility in defeat and victory and once the fight is over, you understand fortitude and patience while recovering as you wait to begin training again.