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Martial Arts in Perspective and the Rise of EFC Africa

“Martial arts” is a title that has gone full circle. In it you have to conjure a unique long tradition and codified system of combat that has always been practiced for all kinds of reasons. This includes spiritual, physical and mental development and entertainment, fitness, physical health, competition and self defence. Before Martial Arts attained a whole new meaning and rejuvenation from Asia, it was originally used to refer to the system of combat in Europe with mentions that go back beyond 1550.


It is obvious martial arts has lots of combat categories. This include historical, contemporary or traditional arts and styles of modern mixed martial arts to classic wrestling, technical martial arts where fighters unarmed face armed ones-stick fighting and swordsmanship skills have been popular over the ages. Others require an application of the system for a particular reason such as physical fitness, demonstration of fighting styles or forms, choreography, combat sport and self-defence.


Today, any mention of martial arts brings into mind unarmed combat that focuses a lot on strikes and grappling with others concerned with both grappling and striking, which are termed as hybrid or mixed martial arts. In strikes, there is boxing, a western form of punching and Wing Chun with kicking encompassing Taekwondo, Savate, kickboxing and capoeira. Sumos, Sanshou, Muay Thai and Karate also have forms of striking. Grappling essentially covers a number of forms within martial arts from Sumo, Sambo, Judo and Hapkido including submission holds, choke holds or joint locks in Judo, Jiu-Jitsu and Aikido while pinning techniques bring into mind wrestling, Sambo and Judo.

Groomed in Africa

The popularity of Extreme Fighting Championships saw the entry of the popular martial arts tournament in Africa in 2009 and as per reports in September 2014, it was going global due to high quality production of fights and quality fighters from Africa. Initially, EFC Africa included fighters born in the continent or fighting outside Africa but from the continent. This has seen over a 100 great fighter groomed by EFC over the years and represents the best of Africa derived across the continent.Apparently, the popularity of EFC African chapter has seen televisions in Asia and the United States wanting in and as top and popular Mixed Martial Arts athletes from around the world have been requesting to join the African chapter. Now African own fighters, groomed over the years with new talents coming in will be facing the entire world in scintillating show of skill, might, endurance, oomph and stamina. It is exactly the kind of entertainment that every MMA and EFC fan has always been craving.

EFC Africa Global reach

By December 2013, EFC Africa had massively grown and become very popular around the world. As a result, its global reach was improved as Africa's best Mixed Martial Arts could now be broadcast across the United States in homes that exceed 65 million. It was not a small fete as the interest for the Africa combat went global. The same global reach of the Africa's best MMA was also encouraged when Super Sport, a global sports provider across the world signed a deal with EFC Africa. This means that anyone, from the heart of Africa to the world at large could catch the best of African EFC entertainment.