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How do u become a world champion?

Lots of times when i receive phone calls from new students wanting to join the classes, i always get the question :
"How do i become a World Champion in either Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA or any other style?"
Or even worse questions is people asking me how to become an EFC or UFC fighter without having any experience My quick response usually is always just TRAIN.
Becoming an EFC or UFC Champion takes lots of dedication.

That is actually the real answer and all u have to do.
It helps when u have knowledge about what ever style u wish to compete in.
But all that knowledge don't help anything if u do not train your body to apply that knowledge.

It all comes down to training muscle memory that helps u to become a world champion.
Looking up videos up on the internet or reading through books and discovery new training techniques aid your training.
But all that information stays in your mind and never goes over into muscle memory if you don't train.

People always has excuses not to train, weather it is being sick, appointments, family or any other reason.
Though it might be true, it stays an excuse.
If u really wanted to train and become a world champion u would make some plans to get some training in one way or another.

I want to end with this "If u knew u would have to fight for your life tomorrow, would u change your training today?"