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      Feta Scrambled Eggs that is addictive!

      Who doesn’t love scrambled eggs? They are quick, tasty and easy to make. Not only do they make for a delicious dinner or lunch at any time of day. But they are also ideal to customise and make your own.

      In this particular recipe we take the ever popular scrambled egg and transform it into something rich and tasty like Feta Scrambled Eggs. It adds spinach, tomatoes and crumbly, salty feta, which makes it a complete dish that you are sure to love.

      Best of all you don’t have to worry about complicated steps and a whole variety of ingredients.


      Total Time : 10 Min

      Difficulty Level : Easy


      Protein (Grams)

      Carbs (Grams)

      Fat (Grams)


      • 3 x eggs
      • 100 g low-fat feta cheese
      • 1 diced tomato
      • 40 g fresh spinach
      • 1 tsp coconut oil
      • Optional grated nutmeg, unrefined salt, black pepper


      Scrambled eggs is not only a family pleasing dish that everyone can enjoy, but it is cheap and easy to make too. We think that this particular Feta Scrambled Eggs recipe not only makes for a tasty dinner after a long and busy day, but it is also an amazing lunch or breakfast dish too.

      We have included spinach and tomatoes within this recipe as these are easy to cook and a tasty combination, but the best thing about this recipe is that you don’t have to stick with these ingredients alone. You can add whatever you fancy. Want to add in some meat? If you do, then this is possible too.

      Whether you are looking for a budget friendly dish that the whole family will enjoy, or something to have as a tasty treat for a healthy diet. Then this is the ideal recipe for you. All you need is a few ingredients on your shopping list, one pan and some heat and you are good to go.

      Follow our steps. Give it a go. Make it your own. You will be surprised by just how delicious this amazing Feta Scrambled Eggs dish can be, as well as how simple it is to put together too. After all, isn’t that what cooking is all about?

      Steps to follow

      Step 1

      In order to start this recipe, you will need to grab your coconut oil. This oil should be placed in a pan ready to be heated up. Once hot, you can add the tomatoes and spinach. The pot should be placed on a medium heat and those 2 ingredients should be cooked up for 2 minutes, until the spinach is nice and soft.  

      Step 2

      Once the spinach and tomatoes are nice and soft, it is time to crack the eggs into the pan. This mixture needs to be cooked up for 4 minutes, which is when it will reach its desired consistency. Which is firm but not completely overcooked.

      Step 3

      When the mixture has reached the right consistency and you think it is ready to go, you need to add grated nutmeg, salt and pepper to season the mixture and create a deliciously flavoured dish that you are going to love to eat.

      Step 4

      The final step in this process is to take your delicious feta cheese and crumble it over the amazing warm scrambled egg combination. Then it will be ready to eat.

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