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      Protein Berry Shake Made Easy

      Searching for a protein boost? Want something fruity and fresh to awaken your taste-buds and give your body a treat too? If you do, then why not take a look at this amazing Protein Berry Shake. Not only is it delicious and easy to make, but it is also a low-price option for those who want to indulge in a protein shake packed full of good stuff.

      All it takes is frozen berries and a touch of quark and you can make this recipe too. Even better than that, we love the fact that the ingredients that are used in order to produce this shake are easy to source and cost effective.

      This is because we believe that healthy food doesn’t have to be expensive food, and in fact should be something that everyone can choose when they are picking what to eat.

      So, despite the ingredient list being short, why not take a look through and see if you are tempted to make this protein rich treat?


      Total Time : 5 Min

      Difficulty Level : Easy


      Protein (Grams)

      Carbs (Grams)

      Fat (Grams)


      • 250 g low-fat quark
      • 100 g mixed berries (fresh or frozen)
      • 50 ml low-fat milk
      • 250 ml water


      It is no secret that we really should be doing more to ensure that we stay healthy. For some this is making sure that they do plenty of exercise and keep active, whereas some people rely on what they put into their bodies to help keep them healthy.

      Healthy eating isn’t always easy, and it isn’t always cheap. In fact, you may find that the healthy ingredient options are costlier than those which are unhealthy. A fact that leads many to make the wrong choice when it comes to food.

      So, how can you make sure that you enjoy some of the best things in life, without having to worry about it taking up all your time and money?

      To help you along the way, we have put together not only the ingredients for this simple yet delicious protein shake, but also the process too. However, you will soon realise that it is so easy that you don’t really need our help to make this Protein berry shake.

      You can also make amendments to the ingredients list as you wish, including your favourite fruit, to really make it as appealing as possible to you.

      After all, when it comes to cooking up a storm in the kitchen, it should always be to ensure that you get exactly what you want to eat and so much more!

      Steps to follow

      Step 1

      Grab your blender and place all of the ingredients into it together. Blend the entire mixture on high until it has become smooth and drinkable.

      Step 2

      Pour ingredients from the blender into a glass or bottle. Before enjoying the creamy, zingy tastes that can only come from this wonderful Protein Berry Shake.
      It really is as simple as that. You can mix and match the ingredients as you wish and as long as you give it a whizz around in the blender, you will have a smooth and well mixed treat for you to enjoy on the go.

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