Multifibre Drink

MULTIFIBRE Drink is a delicious and easy way to help increase your daily fibre intake.

A unique blend of soluble and insoluble fibres. MULTIFIBRE Drink contains six fibre sources – apple, oat, maize, citrus, chicory and soya.


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Multifibre Drink

This product presents one of the best and easiest ways of increasing fibre intake in the body on a daily basis; blends both insoluble and soluble fibres and packs six sources of fibre from soya, apple, and chicory, oat, citrus and maize. Each MULTIFIBRE Drink contains 60KJ of energy and 5 grams of fibre.

-Each serving contains 15 calories

-Comes with an apple flavour

-Simply mix 7.1g using a measuring spoon in 150 millilitres of clean water-you can also add the measure of the fibre into a shake and take as much pleasure in the healthy drink as you can


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