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Here you can see the descriptions of every fighting style.

What is Muay Thai Classes

What is Muay Thai Classes? It is not uncommon for people who are new to martial arts to confuse Muay Thai with kickboxing. Whilst the two are similar, they are not the same. So, what is Muay Thai? Where has it come from and why is this a martial art that you should...

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What is Mixed Martial Arts Classes

What is Mixed Martial Arts Classes? Over time, martial arts has changed, developed and grown. This has meant that along with the traditional and classic forms of martial arts there are also new approaches to martial arts too. One of the newest and fastest growing...

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What is Kickboxing Classes

What is Kickboxing Classes? When it comes to martial arts there are plenty out there that you can choose from. There are even those that are a combination of other types, brought together in perfect harmony. One great example of this is kick boxing. As the name...

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