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What is Muay Thai Classes?

It is not uncommon for people who are new to martial arts to confuse Muay Thai with kickboxing. Whilst the two are similar, they are not the same. So, what is Muay Thai? Where has it come from and why is this a martial art that you should consider taking up?

Muay Thai is a self-defence martial art that has its origins in Thailand. As we have already explored, Muay Thai is often confused with kickboxing and whilst in it has some of the same fundamental aspects, the main difference with Muay Thai Classes is that it allows for the use of your elbows, where kickboxing doesn’t.

The majority of movements within Muay Thai involve rotating your hip and kicks that land below the waist are allowed, as is grabbing your opponent’s leg during a kick.

Another key factor to identify Muay Thai is that it allows for 8 points of contact compared to the two of boxing (your fists) and the four of kickboxing (fists and legs). This means that it really is effective in utilising every part of your body whether attacking or defending.

The benefits of Muay Thai Classes

One of the key reasons that people decide to take up Muay Thai Classes is in order to increase their own cardiovascular activity. As a martial art, Muay Thai is a great aerobic workout and it will increase your heart rate greatly. This can help with circulation as well as ensuring that your heart is healthy too.

Another great benefit to Muay Thai Classes is that is ideal for improving strength in a variety of parts of your body. Whilst your legs are definitely going to feel the burn, the rest of your body, including your core strength certainly isn’t going to be ignored. Which is ideal if you want to make sure that you are toned up.

As with many different forms of exercise, activity and martial arts; Muay Thai Classes is a great form of stress relief. The physical nature of it means that you can work out any frustrations that you may have and you also will ensure that all those lovely endorphins are released into your system too!

Try out Muay Thai classes with MMAAK

Does Muay Thai sound like something that you definitely want to try out for yourself? If this is true, then MMAAK is the place for you. We are dedicated to bringing the benefits of Muay Thai to everyone who wants to try it. Men, women and children, they can all learn the art of this martial art and increase their fitness.

Thinking about trying Muay Thai out for yourself now you know more about what it is? If this is true for you, then why not take a look at the Muay Thai classes for kids and adults that we offer here at MMAAK and see if you can find the support you need to achieve your aim? Whether that be training for competitive matches, or perhaps simply trying to get yourself fitter and more toned?

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