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We give classes to Kids, Adults, Men, and Women. To view all of our class times please click the button below.

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082 959 4444



The Palm centre, Braam Pretorius street, Montana, Pretoria, Above burger bistro

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you really a Christian Martial Arts dojo?

Yes! We believe in Jesus as our Lord and Savior and that he died for our sins, and 3 days later rose from the dead. We pray after every class with our students and make sure that our dojo/club always feels warm and welcome to every student that wants to train with us. We do not allow any Instructor to teach unless they are a born again Christian.

Do you have any rules at your dojo?

Yes! That is a must to make sure things never get out of hand. Our rules are as follows: Hand and toenails have to be cut and clean (Scratches with nails in fighting causes infections). No swearing allowed inside the dojo! It might be okay for you to swear at home, but there are people that do not like to hear the swear words constantly while they are training. No one under the influence of alcohol allowed inside the dojo! This is pretty self-explanatory. Not only does alcohol change people’s behaviors, but it also increases the chances of serious long term damage when being hit. Respect students, instructors as well as equipment at all times.

Is the first lesson free?


How do I claim the first free lesson?

Have a look at our class times at . Choose one of the class times and just visit us at any one of the class times. One of our instructors will always be there to welcome you to your first free class.

Do I need to book before coming to my free class?

No. Just come to one of the class times at 

How does the procedure work after my first free class?

After you had your first free class, you can talk to anyone of our instructors and they will provide you with the necessary forms that have to be filled in to join us.

Do you have contracts?

We offer a month to month contract with a 30 Day Cancellation. What this means is yes you are on a month to month contract but need to provide us with a 30-day cancellation notice in order to stop the contract. We do NOT like to lock students in on long term contracts as most other places do.

What are your costs?

We have different packages. Please send us an email on and we will gladly send you the costs of all our packages.

What do I need to wear for the first training session?

You can just wear any comfortable clothes to train in. Keep in mind we do practice kicks in the classes, so we would not recommend a Jean. We also train barefoot on our mats. You are more than welcome to come with shoes, but the shoes need to be taken off before stepping on to the training mats.

Do you sell any training clothes?

Yes! We have a complete range of different types of our branded training clothes, from shorts, long kickboxing pants, shirts, compressions, vests, hoodies, rash vests and more!

Why would I want to buy your clothes?

While training in normal clothes, you might find them not always being able to withstand the types of training we do. Our pants, for example, are made to easily allow you to kick without the pants restricting your movement.

Do you sell training equipment?

Yes, we do. We have a wide range of training equipment you can buy for training or tournaments.

Do you participate in tournaments?

Yes, we do. We take part in tournaments al through South Africa in both light contact and full contact tournaments.

Do I have to partake in tournaments?

No, you don’t. Tournaments are optional for anyone that wants to partake in them and not forced on anyone. It is recommended because there is nothing more fun than testing your skills you have learned to see if they really work or not.

What tournament styles do you partake in?

With Light referred to as Light Contact and Full referred to as Full Contact. (Light) Point Fighting, (Light / Full) Kickboxing, (Light / Full) K1, (Light / Full) Muay Thai, (Light / Full) Mixed Martial Arts, No-Gi Grappling

Can I grade for belts?

Yes! We have an entire grading syllabus that allows us to grade students every 3 – 4 months and we hold grading 3 – 4 times a year for students to grade.

What is the order of the belts graded for?

White (Everyone starts here), Red /10th Kuy (Only for kids under 14 Years), Yellow / 9th Kuy, Orange / 8th Kuy, Green / 7th Kuy, Blue / 6th Kuy, 2nd Purple / 5th Kuy, 1st Purple / 4th Kuy, 3rd Brown / 3rd Kuy, 2nd Brown / 2nd Kuy, 1st Brown / 1st Kuy, Black / 1st Dan.

Do I have to grade for my next belt?

Again not really something we can force on students, but this is something we will be encouraging people to allot to do. Grading for the next belt gives a number of benefits not only in martial arts but in your everyday life. After testing yourself, you will have more faith in yourself and your techniques. Primary and High Schools have tests to make sure people push themselves further in life, the same with martial arts. By testing, you will be able to learn more and push yourself to become a better martial artist. The benefits are really limitless.

What Styles do you teach?

Kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

How do I join?

Come to any one of our class times for your first free class, and then talk to one of our instructors to give you the forms.

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